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4.5 Release Testing / Position of Quick Search bar
« Last post by Guanhuan on Today at 04:14:39 am »
I quite like the change of the new Home menu icon ;), but the quick search bar looks a bit unmatched in the current position after that.
Does anyone think it will look nicer to move the quick search bar to the right end side?
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The way it works is that civimail use the bounce email as the sender at the technical level (SMTP envelope).
I'm not trying to send mail via the account, just use it for bounce handling. I'll go and triple check the imap set up on gmail, as far as I know it's configured correctly
Upgrading CiviCRM / issue with upload image in kcfinder
« Last post by thinhnk on Today at 03:22:02 am »
hi all,
i have probem when upload image in kcfinder. Civi tells me "Can not create images folder."
I checked in file uploader.php. It not pass.

Code: [Select]
         $this->typeDir = 'persist/contribute/images';
        if (!is_dir($this->typeDir)) {
            if (!mkdir($this->typeDir, $this->config['dirPerms']))
                $this->backMsg("Cannot create {dir} folder.", array('dir' => $this->type));
        } elseif (!is_readable($this->typeDir))
            $this->backMsg("Cannot read upload folder.");
Using Drupal Modules / Re: Views 3 and Groups from CiviCRM
« Last post by vishram74 on Today at 03:05:53 am »
Hi.  Has there been any updates on this? 
We are trying to get this working in our version of Drupal 7 and CiviCRM 4.3.3.
Thanks Eileen for confirming, everything I'd read & tried indicated that it worked but I was concerned by Lobo's comment.


Another quick question here about merging contact possibilities:

If you have a single contact in CiviCRM and later the single contact becomes a household, it is not possible to simply convert the contact into a household.  It is possible to create a relationship between the single contact and the household, but information like activities and donations cannot automatically be transferred over.

It would be a nice feature to convert or merge a contact with a household, and have their activity, etc. merged as well. Should be like the tool “merge contacts” which are double in the database.
You can use google apps domain names (ie. your own domain name with google webmail), but it will not work very well if you use an email @gmail

It's because civicrm will need to send the emails as from your own smtp server (likely the box that runs your civicrm) and google has only whitelisted their own servers as being able to send emails as (SPF records) so most of the mail servers will ignore your emails as spam.

Even if the credentials are correct, you have to enable IMAP access separately- in your Gmail inbox, click the gear, then Settings, then Forwarding and POP/IMAP, then Enable IMAP and save changes.
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