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doubt i can help further but hopefully puts you and others on right track - perhaps update the Subject of this ticket too now

After the 4.5.5 upgrade I was able to set outgoing mail back to SMTP (only mail() was working in 4.5.1). After your response, I checked again and it failed. Something isn't right. No email, Code 535.

My test mail goes to a gmail address but that has never been an issue.
what happens when you send test mail from civicrm/admin/setting/smtp?reset=1 - is that all working fine?
Upgraded to 4.5.5 and get the same errors when I Send an Email from the Contact Actions menu.

Tried a different format in the "To" box but same result.

"N~..." <> fails with syntax error. Running the failed query with '"N~..." <>' returns the expected Contact record.

4.5.5 upgrade had one glitch - couldn't create the CiviCase log table but I don't think that has any bearing here. Logging has been off and I had disabled CiviCase before the upgrade.
We don't actually encourage cross-posting.  Community members tend to read across several boards rather than stick to just one.   I have deleted the other post since this was the first one that was answered.
It would be great if CiviCRM could store images that linked into Drupal image styles functionality.

What if I want to do a responsive slideshow of images for the organizations in my DB?
I guess I could store the Pictures as a Drupal node, link the node to the Civi record (civicrm entity?) and then have the view(s) display them?

Lots of thoughts.
Just had this error and worked around it by setting my outbound mailer back to mail() from SMTP to be able to get a good test mail. I've used the same mailer settings for some time and there aren't any issue with my SMTP server.

- Skip IDS didn't help me.

- My site is running with WordPress so not likely a Drupal issue.
- I'm using my admin account - nothing intermittent for me, error every time.

This thread is a little old but I noticed reply 15 commenting on Send an Email. Maybe this is helpful.
Thank you.

First of all I need to apologize for not being very clear ... hell I am trying to understand what I need myself!

The database integration I think was part of the installation steps, or I had read somewhere else (maybe wiki?), anyhow I have already done it.

I'll try the entity module, anyway please let me try to explain better ... maybe.

Right now when I click on an event I see
with breadcrumb indicating "home" only
whereas I'd like to see
and i.e. breadcrumb "home > events"

And to access other sections of civicrm the same way.
While writing it crossed my mind that maybe pathauto can do this? I'll try that one too.
Using Profiles / Re: First name field showing last name
« Last post by petednz on Today at 11:54:13 am »
hi - not sure i follow - was your membership directory a Profile or something else.

If the former then it seems unlikely you would add the wrong field - can you replicate on the demo site as it might be quicker to identify the issue.

There is a 'display name' that will usually show first+last but that is not what you described using
Hi eric - sorry i don't have any specific insights in to your problem but i suspect anyone who does will still recommend that you upgrade to the latest 4.5 version and retest. It may not fix the issue but a lot of other bugs have been fixed since then
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