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I noticed on the CiviCRM Home page that the button style has changed for the Configure Your Dashboard, and Refresh Dashboard Data buttons, and the style doesn't match other civi buttons.

I've attached a screenshot from the sandbox (4.5) that shows the Configure Your Dashboard button.  Notice how it differs from the Create New button.  In CiviCRM 4.4, the Configure Your Dashboard button looked similar to the Create New button.

I opened an issue for this (CRM-15661), but was told the change was intentional and the issue was closed.
Francophone User Group / Problème de saisie d'activité dans les contacts
« Last post by ziako on Today at 02:23:23 pm »

Lorsque je saisis une activité dans le menu de civicrm : contact/nouvelle activité ....tout est OK.
Tout est bon aussi lorsque on crée une activité par url externe dans le menu de Joomla.
Dans les 2 cas l'activité est bien enregistrée et est visible dans les contacts (individuel ou organisation)

Et tout se gâte quand on veut ajouter une nouvelle activité directement dans la fiche d'une organisation ou un contact individuel :
- dans le champ : ajouté par : l'ID de l'utilisateur : 2  (admin) = impossible de modifier. (Je peux saisir texte ou chiffre)
- dans le champ : Avec le contact : l'ID du contact (en l'occurence l'ID de l'organisation) ... impossible de modifier..(Je peux saisir texte ou chiffre)
- Assignée à : impossible de rechercher un contact...?
-> Je joins une copie écran pour confirmer.

Si validation, l'activité s'enregistre dans le contact et si on demande la modification de cette activité, les champs apparaissent bien renseignés, (alors là... je suis scotché!!...)  on peut alors ajouter des contacts dans les champs Avec le contact et Assignée à. La saisie devient normale, c'est OK.... !!??

J'ai testé avec différents contacts et différentes activité au cas où..!
Je n'ai pas activé Civi case car je n'en ai pas l'utilité, Est-ce la cause, je ne le pense pas.

Je ne comprends pas ce problème, le paramétrage des activités est pourtant bien simple.
J'ai essayé de chercher sur le forum, mais rien trouvé de similaire

Quelqu'un a-t-il déjà eu ce genre de problème ? et comment s'en sortir ?
Je précise que sur un autre site avec civcrm 4.5.3, ->  pas ce genre de problème !

Meilleures salutations

Civicrm 4.5.4
Joomla 2.5.27
Hébergé par OVH

Thank you so much

We are able to sync the CRM ID and Joomla ID .

Using CiviEvent / Re: CiviDiscount Module Extension
« Last post by Eileen on Today at 01:08:23 pm »
Well I originally re-worked the 4.4 version but core & forked for 4.5, added 4.5 specific code leaving the 4.4 changes only in my repo - I am not sure whether they are exactly the same but I hope to not be forked once we update to 4.6
@flo81 I really can't help you if you do not post the error message you see in your browser console.
Extensions / Re: Documentation tag?
« Last post by totten on Today at 11:08:45 am »
Yup, agree that it's talking about <url desc="Documentation">. For existing modules, one should add the tags manually.

FWIW, beginning with the September update to civix (v14.09.1), new extensions will include example <url> tags by default, e.g.

Code: [Select]
$ civix generate:module org.example.mymodule
License set to GPL-2.0+ (authored by Tim Otten <>)
If this is in error, please correct info.xml and LICENSE.txt
Initalize module org.example.mymodule
Write org.example.mymodule/info.xml
Write org.example.mymodule/mymodule.php
Write org.example.mymodule/mymodule.civix.php
Write org.example.mymodule/LICENSE.txt
Refresh extension list for "http://dmaster.l/"
Enable extension (org.example.mymodule) in "http://dmaster.l/"? [Y/n]

The info.xml file looks like:

Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<extension key="org.example.mymodule" type="module">
    <author>Tim Otten</author>
    <url desc="Main Extension Page">http://FIXME</url>
    <url desc="Documentation">http://FIXME</url>
    <url desc="Support">http://FIXME</url>
    <url desc="Licensing"></url>
  <comments>This is a new, undeveloped module</comments>

The documentation for info.xml is at
I believe that this sort of customization usually requires some programming.

The general formula is (1) figure out which screens need the custom behavior, (2) write some Javascript to implement the behavior, and (3) inject the Javascript code on each screen. There's some examples on this topic:,32968.msg140501.html#msg140501
APIs and Hooks / Re: Dashboard API updating instead of creating
« Last post by totten on Today at 10:33:15 am »
In APIv3, the norm is to do updates based on matching IDs; if you want to match/update based on a different field, then it normally requires multiple calls -- e.g. do a "get" followed by "create". There's some options which are useful for doing a get+create in a more concise fashion:

The behavior you point out in the Dashboard API isn't normative; it's more adhoc. This is not entirely unusual -- it often happens with a story like this:

  • Developer #1 creates a BAO function (e.g. CRM_Core_BAO_Dashboard::create or CRM_Core_BAO_Dashboard::addDashlet) for a specific use-case. The function has some special behavior which makes sense for that use-case.
  • A few months later, developer #2 creates an API. The API builds on top of the existing BAO function, and developer #2 assumes that the BAO function works "normally" (or assumes that anything unusual is good or exists for a valid reason).
  • The assumption may or may not be valid. If the assumption is wrong, then eventually someone realizes that the API is weird.

The most authoritative way to find out what's going on in this situation is to read the BAO code.

Using CiviEvent / Re: CiviDiscount Module Extension
« Last post by Upperholme on Today at 05:08:56 am »
Many thanks Eileen.

It will be good to get these two versions merged back into one. Information and support mechanisms for extensions are confusing enough as it is for end users.

Best wishes

I have the same problem on a fresh Drupal (7.34)+Civi(4.5.4) installation. On my local installation it's working fine, but I moved all on a remote server (which I don't manage), and this precise problem occurs all the time when trying to open a modal window.

Any help / leads woud be very appreciated !
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