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CiviVolunteer / Re: Define Volunteer Needs Row limit
« Last post by ginkgomzd on Today at 09:49:22 am »
We are trying to find time this week to address this. Sorry for the wait.
Using CiviContribute / Re: Webform payment integration
« Last post by mikem on Today at 09:46:40 am »
Normally when looking in reports it tells me what payment page the payment is coming from. in this case it does not tell anything other than the amount paid and that it was successful. It also does not pull the invoice number over to with any other payment page it always gives that information to
Upgrading CiviCRM / Current recommended version for Drupal 6 sites
« Last post by haro on Today at 09:38:04 am »
Hi, I was wondering what the current recommended version is of Civicrm for Drupal 6 sites.

It looks at first sight like the 4.2 LTS series are not so much used, but 4.4 is maybe a bit too much bleeding edge for Drupal 6, not sure about the 4.3 series. Really doubting to what version I should upgrade. I'm not interested in new features for this site, just need the most stable version that still supports Drupal 6 well.
Using CiviCRM / Re: string flipping on processing inbound mail!
« Last post by myles on Today at 09:34:28 am »

I downloaded the new version and looking carefully at the old and new decided that only the src directory should be replaced.

Doing so resulted in an fatal error Class 'ezcMailOptions' can't be found in <path given>/mail.php line 155 -

I got as far as verifying that the class is referenced at that line.

Interestingly on restoring the old version the fetch activities routine works (triggered from the scheduled jobs page in CiviCRM admin)

I think that's a coincidence - I think the original error was triggered when mail.php tried to parse a message in a funny coding - I've deleted a number of mail bounce messages - the Microsoft Exchange server ones are usually the culprits.
If you have access to the database, you will be able to have a look at the mysql table civicrm_mailing_bounce_type table, which lists all the different types of bounces that civicrm can detect, and how many of those it needs to receive before putting an email address on hold.  By default these are set at either 1 or 3 but you can adjust them if you like.
Using CiviContribute / Re: Pro rata payment of membership fees
« Last post by CircularPhil on Today at 09:16:16 am »
I'm not a developer, but I work for a development company. We're looking at it for a project, so it depends a lot on the client. Agree it would be handy.
4.4 and 4.5 are up today in case you want to check there as well? I am not entirely clear on the issue, but if you think this is a bug, please do report.
OK great - and thanks for sharing your solution :)
Using CiviContribute / Re: Pro rata payment of membership fees
« Last post by Michael McAndrew on Today at 09:08:42 am »
That code looks kind of promising, and like something that could be developed into an extension.  Are you a developer yourself? Or do you know any?  Would be good to package something like that up for use by yourself and others
Just to update this very out of date post (since I found this page by google) you can choose different profiles combinations for primary and other guests on the profile page of the event configuration.
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