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Google Summer of Code / Re: GSoC 2015 - Civi smartphone: Android Powered
« Last post by IJagan on Today at 12:50:27 am »

I am one of raustin's said colleagues.  I've done a good bit of tweaking and development on the webapp.  There's a pretty handy and responsive ajax search functionality.  I've modified it to work with our custom civi data, so as it exists now, it would need to be modified a great deal. 

You can find the source code in the github repo:


Thanks bstalcup!

We also have a publicly available version to test here:

Give us day or so to update it. The latest version is on our live site and we're updating at that demo link so you can see it in action.

Thanks @bstalcup and @raustin1. While I may not be able to make use of your project code or build upon them, the project certainly gave me a good perspective on what a potential App should look like and how is it being used by one of the CiviCRM user.

I will be starting from scratch, building a native Android App. It would be really great if you guys could give me feedback on the working of the App as I develop. I think Google Play Store would be a nice place for me to continuously upload newer versions of the App as I develop and let you try it out.

Thanks again for sharing your project, very much appreciated! :)
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Google Summer of Code / Re: [GSOC 2014] Refunds for CiviCRM
« Last post by JoeMurray on May 22, 2015, 02:06:25 pm »
Parvez, would you be the person to work with Tahir on developing a spec for the UI for refunds, and then partial payments?
Google Summer of Code / Payment and Refund APIs
« Last post by JoeMurray on May 22, 2015, 02:04:45 pm »
Hi Tahir,

The Payment and Refund APIs will be like the other CiviCRM APIs: something that can be called equally from either Angular or jQuery in the browser or from code on the server. As background, login to as user demo password demo and test out using the API, and note the various ways that it can be invoked.

Eileen: yes, there should be some new payment subsystem call that will issue a refund automatically if that is supported by the original payment processor method, or else queue up payable for next time there is a run of checks. I can work on the details of the latter if you want to suggest an API signature for the former.
Heh Anudit - Eileen should be able to sort you out on IRC in a way that avoids you needing to do special work to get civix to find the CMS or use factory pattern.
Developer Discussion / Re: Pb with SMTP +TLS auth
« Last post by petednz on May 22, 2015, 12:51:41 pm »
I think you will get more answers if you ask this at
John - i would encourage you to take this question over to Stack Exchange which is much more active than the forum now - see red link up in top right

Joe Sir, I have started working to create skeletal extension module through civix but unfortunately I am getting this exception "Failed to locate CMS. Please call civix from somewhere under the CMS root." So I was just curious if I can define my CMS root in a configuration file (if anything needs to be done) for that I started digging into ClientFactory pattern.

Eileen: Yes, I definitely want to sort this out on IRC real soon.

Thank you.
Two things come to mind for me:  there may be privacy concerns about "pulling' info from one platform into the database without notifying the person who has generated this content (I'm in BC, Canada, we have very stringent privacy laws) that it is being stored, and what it might be used for.
Secondly, this is a great idea - we are just now working on having participants in our closed facebook support groups identified in CiviCRM as contacts belonging to these groups.  In CiviCRM, the group transforms into a special kind of online 'event', which group members 'register' for.
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