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No sorry, this was a mistake when writing. I was expecting to have directories without the extra "civicrm/' on both (I forgot to remove it on my example for the "picture").

So my point is that despite that I did not add again "civicrm/" in the new resource path, it did not not update the existing temp and pictures resources to remove the extra "civicrm/" I added in my previous test.

Thanks to your explanation, I understand why now (it only cares about the URL part until the "/files/" folder so whatever you put after this it will always consider that the base directory is the same).
Upgrading CiviCRM / Re: Upgrade from 4.4.6 to 4.5 Drupal on Windows server
« Last post by danc on Today at 10:26:11 am »
SemperFi, so you are saying that it updated the temp files directory path but not the pictures path?

I had the same issue on my end, adding civicrm to the end of your base directory causes a lot of issues (no matter which OS you are on).  I'm not sure if the same is true if you add a different folder name.  Although if only the images directory path is not being updated that is a different issue.

pmoz, I believe that you have some site specific issues showing up like you just found.  I noticed what you said earlier about having a ton of dynamic folders show up when you keep changing your base directory, but once I cleaned them up things seemed to be fine for display.  So I'm not sure if this is a bug in Civi or just a consequence of testing code (and the previous bug).
OK Dan, thanks for the explanation.

But then, if I save the new path to be "C:\xampp\htdocs\wprc/wp-content/plugins\files\", why doesn't it take it into account and update the resources paths to :
  • C:\xampp\htdocs\wprc/wp-content/plugins\files\civicrm\upload/ (temp files)
  • C:\xampp\htdocs\wprc/wp-content/plugins\files\civicrm\persist/contribute/ (pictures)

instead... without the "/civicrm/", I first added in my test ?

This should cancel the first change of path where I added "civicrm/" after "c:\...\files\" - shouldn't it ?

CiviMail installation and configuration / Re: Dashlets not displaying
« Last post by TimG on Today at 08:37:06 am »
In our case it turned out that our htaccess password protect on the admin directory was blocking it.

I had to specifically allow the server IP (we already had allow from localhost but that wasn't enough, apparently)
Using CiviEvent / Re: Change Participant Status with url
« Last post by jjpwilliams on Today at 08:36:33 am »
Did you find a solution for this? Is not a viable option in my case.

All we really need is to update the participant status from id=1 (registered) to id=2 (attended). This should be fairly easy to accomplish with a codded url, which we could embed into a qr code.
APIs and Hooks / Re: Remove or change submitted form value
« Last post by PhilippMikael on Today at 08:22:57 am »
Cool, so I'm able to update the submitted values. But I still don't know how to prevent the deletion of the group contact.

I've tried to unset the values:
Code: [Select]

$data = &$form->controller->container();
if(! $data['values']['Register']['group'][9]){
...but this results the removal of the contact from the group (here exemplary group with ID 9).

watchdog('myhook_civicrm_validateForm $data', '<pre>'. print_r($data, TRUE) .'</pre>') output:
Code: [Select]
    [defaults] => Array

    [constants] => Array

    [values] => Array
            [Register] => Array
                    [qfKey] => 04d4ca7320a3ccab97a78323100d8183_6388
                    [entryURL] =>
                    [gender_id] => 2
                    [nick_name] => Dr. habil.
                    [first_name] => John
                    [last_name] => Doe
                    [email-Primary] =>
                    [current_employer] => Dummy Inc.
                    [custom_26] => Web Solutions!
                    [do_not_mail] => 1
                    [custom_43] => Array
                            [0] => 1

                    [8] => 1
                    [7] => 1
                    [group] => Array
                            [8] => 1
                            [7] => 1

                    [scriptFee] =>
                    [scriptArray] =>
                    [additional_participants] =>
                    [_qf_default] => Register:upload
                    [MAX_FILE_SIZE] => 134217728

            [ThankYou] => Array


    [valid] => Array
            [Register] =>
            [ThankYou] =>

CiviMail installation and configuration / Re: Joomla Cron failing
« Last post by TimG on Today at 07:47:03 am »

Having said I have a number of cron jobs that run OK, I compared the tasks that were actually running. Turns out the Civi one is the only one run from the administrator directory. And we've got an htaccess password protect on the administrator directory.
Although we had 'allow from localhost' in there I had to explicitly allow the server IP - lo and behold the job runs!

Time for a large gin I think
I'm not too worried about the batch limit - just wondering why it's not being triggered every hour (It seems rather pointless running the cron job every few minutes when it's only going to trigger an action once an hour)
Upgrading CiviCRM / Re: Upgrade from 4.4.6 to 4.5 Drupal on Windows server
« Last post by pmoz on Today at 07:21:14 am »
Great work Dan.

The more OS agnostic CiviCRM is the better for all so I expect any fixes that simplify installation on Windows, Linux, Mac are included in future releases.

I also had some success with getting everything functioning correctly on IIS.

I was still struggling with the Quick Search, the arrows in the Administration menu, blank Case Type screen and help pop-ups.

When on the Windows server, if I moved the dynamic folder to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\sites\default I could browse to the js file.
As soon as I moved it within the C:\inetpub\wwwroot\sites\default\files folder, I would get an HTTP Error 404.4 - Not Found
The resource you are looking for does not have a handler associated with it.

I checked the handler mappings for the files folder and it only had listed one static mapping, while the default folder had many.

I selected the files folder, handler mapping and hit Revert to Parent.

As soon as I did this, all errors were fixed.

After a break, I will take a look at any web.config adjustments that I made to see if they are necessary.

CiviMail installation and configuration / Re: Joomla Cron failing
« Last post by TimG on Today at 07:20:09 am »
One step forward, one step back.

I've debugged and hacked the code and got it to the point where it runs - if I run it in a browser. At that point it processes anything that needs it, flags the job as having been run.


If I run exactly the same URL in a Cron job it fails with error 401 Authorisation required
Nothing in the configandlog files. I've got other cron jobs running fine so it's not just that *all* cron jobs are failing.

Anybody know what is failing the authentication check?
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