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Related to this issue, 4.4.5 has added a check on $config->customFileUploadDir , typically files/civicrm/custom/ . This directory was not mentioned in the security advisory as needing protection and it has up until now been used for purposes requiring files within it to be web-accessible, e.g. contact images, which are served up on the contact summary directly over http(s).

Can you confirm that customFileUploadDir should not be web accessible? Is it a bug that contact images are served up directly over http(s)?


Dave J
Google Summer of Code / Re: [GSOC 2014] Refunds for CiviCRM
« Last post by tahirramzan on Today at 07:06:44 am »
respected sir(s),

i would like to submit that i will be developing this idea even without a stipend as i have already worked alot on this and i am determined to do so because of the fact that i am highly interested in CiviCRM; but the point made from your side that i did get quite late in submission was due to the fact that i was busy in taking exams of my course and once i got spared from it i, without wasting a single second, submitted my proposal.
only question arising here is that should i or should i not do it this way, what would you suggest ?
i would appreciate your kind and quick response, thanks in anticipation.
Joomla! Installations / Re: Unable to install
« Last post by Hershel on Today at 06:59:58 am »
Are any errors logged in the logs?
 The CREATE TEMPORARY TABLES privilege is not the as the CREATE privilege, which enables creation of new databases and tables.
Anyone currently using CiviCRM + Drupal to support a high school PTA/PTSA website?

I am not aware of any, but perhaps someone will post here.

  • How hard is it to import user/account profile information into CiviCRM/Drupal?

Not hard:

  • Are there free/inexpensive themes that work with CiviCRM/Drupal?

Yes, almost all Drupal themes on work with CiviCRM.
Anyone currently using CiviCRM + Drupal to support a high school PTA/PTSA website? If so, I have the following questions:
  • How hard is it to import user/account profile information into CiviCRM/Drupal?
  • Are there free/inexpensive themes that work with CiviCRM/Drupal?
  • What obstacles/roadblocks did you run into?
  • What other alternatives did you consider before deciding on CiviCRM/Drupal?
Using CiviEvent / Multiple event attendee names, single fee?
« Last post by provanca on Today at 06:37:22 am »
I'm having trouble setting up the registration fee structure for an event, and I'm hoping I am overlooking an easy solution.

We have a fundraiser for which there is no ticket price - just a suggested minimum donation and some sponsorship levels. So the price set for the fields is an open-ended donation field and radio buttons for the sponsorships (all optional). However, we need to be able to collect names for multiple attendees connected to a single donation/sponsorship. I currently set this up by selecting the "Register multiple participants?" and "Allow multiple registrations from the same email address?" options. This is leading to two problems:

1) The fee selected by the main registrant is getting multiplied by the number of registrants. E.g., if I try to select a host sponsorship ($500) and register 2 participants, it is forcing me to pay for 2 sponsorships ($1000) (see attached Screenshot1.png). Or if I enter a custom donation amount, it automatically doubles it.
2) The price set shows up again on the pages to register additional attendees. A single donation should cover everyone in the group, so I would like the user to be able to enter additional attendee names without seeing the fees again.

Is there another way I can set this up to better meet my requirements?

as you may already know we have been working on two extensions (CiviBanking and CiviSEPA). We would like to add these as resources on transifex. Could anyone grant me the rights to do so (in the CiviCRM_extension project on transifex)? Alternatively, I could provide the pot-files so somebody else could add them.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions (+49 228 96104990).

Best Regards from Germany
Joomla! Installations / Unable to install
« Last post by taxidimu on Today at 05:16:56 am »
I am unable to install CiviCRM 4.1 or 4.4.5 in Joomla 3.2.3
(on MySQL 5.1.66-0+squeeze1, PHP 5.3.3-7+squeeze18, Apache).
No error message is displayed, but CiviCRM is not installed.
Thank you.
Using CiviEvent / Re: Multi-day events with signup for individual days
« Last post by dmcnatty on Today at 03:47:09 am »
Thanks Kurund - that extension looks like it will fit the bill perfectly.
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