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That was procedure that was posted in the forum to correct the issue with the upgrade and receiving the Re: Fatal DB error, exiting, seems like your schema does not have civicrm_setting.

Still need assistance please see entire 1st post.   Page Not Found. 

Much appreciated.

Note to hth:   The upgrade procedures indicate to go from CiviCRM 3.x to 4.1 Drupal 6.x first and when I did I received the Fatal DB error above.   I found in the forum what I tried after that (Forum gurus Herschel and Kurund)
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so what is it that my explanation at,34532.msg146727.html#msg146727 fails for your use case? Just the image size? Is that something you can just control by uploading images of the right size? Guessing not so must be missing something about your use case.

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Add a custom field for the file, and another custom field to then put the path of the file (Why? Because Views doesn't currently play nicely with the file in my experiments)

Then in a View pull in the 'event image path' and 'exclude from display' - then add a Custom text field with something like <img src="[event_image_path_8]"> (which is name of the custom field as Views sees it)

then display the View Block on the Event page(s)
Using CiviMail / Re: Any suggestions on debugging this trace?
« Last post by Dave Greenberg on Today at 02:59:30 pm »
Eran - Please let us know ASAP if you're still getting errors. I did test w/ a fixed reminder date - but possibly not the same set of criteria (or possibly a difference in the recipient properties).

Assuming you can recreate it. please get us as much detail as you can including error(s) from the log file and screenshots of the scheduled reminder configuration screen.

You can post those against the issue on the issue tracker (and request that it be reopened):
Ellen - Eileen (Fuzion) has committed a fix for this in 4.6 but the actual fix seems to be limited to this commit:

The patch does apply to 4.5 (just tried it) and looks like it will fix the problem in 4.5. Would be great if you could try the patch and see if it fixes the problem.
J'ai la même erreur, ce n'est pas lié à l'enregistrement de l'activité.
C'est bien un problème avec le bloc "CiviCRM News".
Probablement une erreur dans le feed -
OK, my bad... had to update the root domain in two locations (Joomla site):

and in
Thank you so much ... the civicrm.settings.php file is what I was missing. I've now changed it there but when I try to do the update the the Source URL's ... once I click Save it tries to redirect to

why in the world it keeps bringing trails.<domain> still

QUESTION: which table could I adjust the Source URL's?

I'll keep searching - thank you so much
Hi Smily,

 I see some instructions here for 4.4 current is 4.5.2,

Number One should always be on any version  --> **  1) Back up your database (might as well bu code too) **

Your number one is inaccurate, you need the civicrm mod ON , disable other civi mods.

Also make sure you have the Drupal6 package, the default is D7 now.

After following the upgrade procedure to upgrade from CiviCRM 3.2.5 to 4.1.8 Drupal 6.33 I received the following error:  (please note my php version is 5.4.x as my hosting provider is removing 5.2.17)
Re: Fatal DB error, exiting, seems like your schema does not have civicrm_setting

I searched the forum and found instructions as follows (from Klyntone, Hershel and Kurund replies):
I have found some instruction courtesy of Hershel to solve this:
1. Disable CiviCRM module
2. Remove old CiviCRM database (or tables)
3. Remove sites/default/civicrm.settings.php
4. Run the CiviCRM installer ( sites/all/modules/civicrm/install/index.php )
5. Remove new CiviCRM database (or tables)
6. Replace CiviCRM database (or tables) with your backup
7. Run the upgrader civicrm/upgrade?reset=1

This will get a clean fresh install and thus a good sites/default/civicrm.settings.php file and then you can run the upgrader using your old [tables.

I followed the steps and after running the CiviCRM installer I received many errors along with page not found and a new database was not created.   I would greatly appreciate any help or insight into what to do next.   The attached file have the errors.   

UPDATE:  set PHP back to 5.2.17 and ran installer and didn't receive errors only Page Not Found    
Using CiviEvent / Stack CiviDiscount Codes
« Last post by CiviSandwich on Today at 12:15:35 pm »
Can you create multiple discount codes and stack them onto one PRICE SET?  So let's say you have two codes, one for 5% off and another for 10% off and you want allow participants to combine them for a total of 15% off or use them separately  if they only have one code?
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