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After the last Project check-in Hangout meeting on 3rd July 7:30 am IST with the team we have decided to push the development process forward so that it would gain more momentum as valuable time was lost in the setup of development environment. Also I was unable to retrieve the data from CiviCRM through HAL-browser which didn't allow me to deliver my commitment of presenting the JSON code for retrieving the sample data from CiviCRM via hyper links.

Joe Murray decided to hold another meeting for the next day according to Eastern time for resolving these issues. On the same day at 6:40 pm IST, I conversed with him along with Edsel Roque who was invited to help me through the problem, Edsel is a member of JMA consulting from Mumbai, he is associated with CiviCRM for more than 4 years now. Joe Murray had other commitments for that hour so I worked with Edsel and he guided me through on retrieving the data through REST calls. I learned that in order to expose the data from CiviCRM we need some key based authentication so we decided to implement CiviCRM site and API keys in the REST URL. Thereafter I got to know about adding my own API key into the CiviCRM's database (I used mysql on the terminal in order to update the API key in the CiviCRM database). Further CiviCRM site key was retrieved which can be viewed in the file civicrm.settings.php located in the default directory under sites. After incorporating both the keys in the REST URL (as viewed in API Explorer) I was successfully able to view the exposed data when the complete URL was opened in a new browser tab window (local HAL-browser may not work due to CORS restrictions). I am very much thankful to Edsel for helping me resolved the issue I had.

Now I will be working on presenting the data in the OSDI format and would report about the same to Joe Murray in a meeting scheduled on Monday.

Thank you.
The student took a full time job starting July 1. Although they were doing fine, and they promised to work evenings and weekends to complete the project, Google staff when asked about this said that the project should be failed as unlikely to succeed. I'm not sure if it is based on their prior experience with students taking jobs (there are lots of suggestions for mentors that this is a problem) or whether it is based on students breaking the commitment made when signing up to be available a certain number of hours per week.
Google Summer of Code / Re: [GSOC 2015] Refunds for CiviCRM
« Last post by tahirramzan on Today at 12:29:24 pm »
From now, our weekly plan to proceed further is as under:

  • Progress report every Wednesday/Friday to be emailed to mentor
  • Plan for the week on Monday to be emailed to mentor
  • Git Commits regularly but at the very latest on a Friday every week
  • Report anything that stops me progressing immediately to mentor
Is this project failed mid term evaluation? Can someone tell what are the reasons...
Developer Discussion / User Registration login in profile page
« Last post by john willson on July 02, 2015, 11:26:39 pm »
I just want to move the user registration login page to contribution page , before the payment processor. Can anyone say how to do tat? i have attached my screenshot below.
If you download a program called Calibre, you can convert the EPUB edition to PDF and a variety of other formats. I used it to create a Kindle version for my own use.


I was having some issues while working locally on my dev setup as I was unable to get any response on HAL-browser (viz is also implemented locally in web root), after the discussion with Eileen and Jason in an e-mail correspondence I learned that HAL browser may never work for localhost due to CORS browser restrictions. So we decided to upload the osdi.php on the gsoc-server sponsored for this project which will be based on OSDI format fields. Also now we have a running instance of HAL-browser on the gsoc-server for testing which can be accessed at

I have configured sftp in FileZilla (ftp client) to connect and upload the customized file on the gsoc-server. Now I will be uploading and testing out the file on this server.
We will be skipping the authentication and would start that working on it after the Project check-in meeting coming this week.

Thank you.
Extensions / Civicrm Login
« Last post by john willson on July 01, 2015, 09:16:29 pm »
In civicrm any login option is there for user's(like membership login) ?
Extensions / Deleting contacts Reports
« Last post by john willson on July 01, 2015, 02:39:40 am »
Can anyone say how to delete all contacts reports in civicrm using wordpress?
Integrator Discussion / Re: Import contact details
« Last post by john willson on June 30, 2015, 11:38:42 pm »
i got an output. Thanks for ur help frds
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