Author Topic: Introduce a new "system" activity called "created on"  (Read 410 times)

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Introduce a new "system" activity called "created on"
« on: August 02, 2015, 06:13:31 pm »
This has been prompted by which reminded me of other posts on the forum or SE where people have wanted to be able to identify all contacts who were created in Civi on, before or after a certain date.

I am wondering about the merits of having a system generated activity called "Created on"  (or if that sounds too god-like "Added on") that is (somewhat obviously) created when the contact is first added to CiviCRM.

That information is already stored in the database and is called every time the contact recorded is called, but is not easy to search on.

I think it would be a good addition and although I can't provide finance for this I would be happy to have a "future release" issue assigned to me as  task to do when I have the time/skills (unless some one else funds/does it earlier).