Author Topic: CiviCRM hosting for worldwide access?  (Read 1944 times)

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CiviCRM hosting for worldwide access?
« on: October 04, 2016, 02:32:35 am »
Hi all, i'm new to CiviCRM and am helping an organization set up a new website. Their last site was located on but they do not support CiviCRM. Now we are looking at specialized hosting and i have found this page:

The thing with the organization i'm volunteering for is that they have members all over the world, so some might be in Europe, some in Africa, etc. This is because the organization works with developing countries (but some members - like the founder and myself - are located in Europe or in North America)

What i'm wondering is if someone on this forum have experiences with their websites being accessed from developing countries (like for example countries in Africa) and what we need to consider when choosing a host. For example, are there specialized CiviCRM hosting providers (from the list above) that have a CDN which covers developing countries?

How aboud cloud hosting? Are there any hosting providers that offer this?

Even if the organization right now doesn't have the funds for cloud hosting or other functionality it would be good if it was supported since we may want to upgrade at a later stage to give our users a better experience

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Re: CiviCRM hosting for worldwide access?
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2016, 08:39:31 am »

Whenever a website is hosted, it is available worldwide as the Internet has worldwide reach. So that website can be available from anywhere, but the network connections can be (marginally) slower from certain parts of the world. For that reason, the highly trafficked websites use a CDN, which basically adds server closer to the end-users to mitigate slower network connections. However, a CDN can only serve static content like images or webpages with a low change rate, so it will not work for dynamic websites such as CiviCRM, where the data must be fetched from the database on each page view.

So in your case the main issue is not so much going to be reachability or trans-continent connection speed, but really local Internet access. If local Internet access is poor, your end-users will have a slower access to your CiviCRM website wherever it is hosted. And finding good Internet access in parts of Africa or Latin America is often very difficult.

About 'cloud hosting', this is really a buzz word that does not mean anything, everyone does cloud hosting.

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