Author Topic: Organization users (uf match to organization record)  (Read 435 times)

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Organization users (uf match to organization record)
« on: January 14, 2016, 06:52:10 am »
We've been using Drupal users connected to organization instead of individual records in Civi for the purposes of easy org record access (a person can log in to update their organization's info via exposed fields in a somewhat complicated webform [civi profiles would be too awkward of a solution]).

This has been a problem when it comes to event registration forms since profiles with organization fields are unavailable in civievent. Of course trying to use an individual's profile when logged in as an organization throws civi for a loop.

I know that this is not the intended use of UF match but I'm curious why that is. We have not encountered any issues other than specifically imposed limits (like the profile in civievent). An organization is just another contact and I think it being a CMS user makes logical sense.

Side note: When inline editing a profile in CiviEvent, the user is given a selection of fields to choose for the profile. There's a "contact type" dropdown with Organization available there but selecting it doesn't change the field selection. It's like there was some thought about allowing organization fields but then that was left out.

It makes sense because an organization can be an event participant (again, it's just a contact) but the whole thing is a little bit in the air.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.