Author Topic: Missing the discussion part of the CiciCRM Community Forums  (Read 1590 times)

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Missing the discussion part of the CiciCRM Community Forums
« on: March 14, 2016, 11:01:01 am »
I'm really missing the discussion aspect that used to be present in this CiviCRM forum on various CiviCRM issues and seems to be missing now.  Today, I hit another example of who a CiviCRM feature that may be as intended or there may be a work around is tripping me up.

I'm having a horrible time with individual contact suffixes,  Struggling with input, display and reports having to do with suffixes.  I'm about to create a new custom text field for suffix(2) and abandon the originial suffix field.  Whether I can modify the standard displays to accommodate change field change, I don't know.  In the old days there would quickly be a discussion about something like this on this board, frequently ending up with discovering the system was just fine and I needed to look at the issue a different way.

Relevant previous thread - found others with this unresolved issue on this forum, but could not post a general reply, seems to be blocked:

Found no help here or discussion on the issues around trying to use suffixes.:

Maybe I'm just not getting it, but I really dislike how CiviCRM seems to have lost the discussion nature of this forum.  CiviCRM is a great product that I started using in October of 2007.  More than 400 posts to this forum generated many helpful replies that allowed me to use the product.  I've been away from CiviCRM for a couple of years and am dismayed at the blocking of CiviCRM discussion.   Has another discussion forum for CiviCRM taken its place?  If StackExchange is it, I'll take another look, but does not seem to serve as a place for open discussion.

Sorry, a little miffed that my goto site (this forum) seems to be depreciated and don't know where to go to have a discussion. 
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Re: Missing the discussion part of the CiciCRM Community Forums
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2016, 07:11:00 am »
Glad you got some responses on Stack Exchange. For what it's worth, I think that was a good question :)

This forum is still available for discussion, but it really seems to have lost interest for a lot of people. The quality of questions and answers on Stack Exchange (SE) really does seem to have raised the level of discussion, and it seems more user-friendly.

However SE does not work well for developer/user coordination. Those discussions seem to have moved mostly to mailing-lists ( There have also been discussions about adopting Mattermost for a better chat system than IRC.
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