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Hi All,

Sorry for the long pause since the last post - I was working on providing support for saving/loading report templates.

Initially, I added saving functionality using a basic javascript prompt which takes the name of the report template (by default, the current timestamp in yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss AM/PM) and saves the report template into a CiviCRM-style table by initiating an AJAX-call with appropriate data params. The code lives in this branch:

Then, Brian and Jaap asked me to use jQuery dialogs rather than basic js-prompts and CRM alerts and notifications instead of js-alerts. I then added support for saving report template by the means of a jQuery dialog which is quite similar to the one with js-prompt. Rest was again similar to the previous one. The code lives in this branch:

Then comes the trickier part - to load one of the saved templates. This is how I have worked it out - when user clicks 'Load' button, a jQuery dialog appears with a dropdown populated with the list of saved templates (obtained by firing an Ajax call inside the callback function under `open` param of the dialog), from which user selects one and presses 'Ok' which fires another Ajax call that gets the selected report template from the database table and overrides the existing configuration of the pivot table. The code lives in this branch:

Overriding the existing pivot table configuration JSON with the loaded configuration JSON and forcing the pivot table to refresh itself to accommodate the new changes was slightly tricky. After trying to refreshing/resetting the div which contains the pivot table and failing at it, finally the pivottable.js documentation helped. Setting the 'override' param of the 'pivotUI' to `true` solved the issue.

One more thing which I worked on recently was supporting field names with comma(s) in them, which might cause the pivot table to not load such fields properly, owing to the fact that they are stored in a comma-separated array. The configuration JSON treats such fields normally - for example: if the rows of the pivot table are - 'contribution one' and 'contribution two, with comma' , then `rows` key of the configuration JSON will have this value: ['contribution one','contribution two, with comma'].

But when this value is written to database, it is saved as a comma-separated string which is the central issue because it consumes the comma present in the given field name. This could pose problem when we are trying to load such a configuration because it might consider them as multiple fields, each separated by a comma. For example in the above case -- ['contribution one','contribution two','with comma'].

As of now, I have joined this array using a special delimiter '#' to yield a string which is stored into the database and later fetched and split using this same delimiter to obtain the required array of field names. For the above case, 'contribution one#contribution two, with comma'   <- this is the string which gets stored in the 'rows' param of the JSON object.

This hack solves the problem with comma-containing field names. I am yet to hear from Jaap and Brian about the same.

That's all for now! Thanks everyone for reading up to this point :D
Thanks for your advice!

Same issue exist in Civicrm 4.7.3 also.
Cividesk does offer exactly what you are looking for. Our monthly subscription covers hosting, maintenance, support, continued education and best practices sharing for both CiviCRM and Drupal.
This seems like a good question for Stack Exchange ( rather than the developer forum.  That said - 4.6.2 is very old.  Have you tried upgrading a test version of your site to the latest version of 4.6?
In online event registration, duplicate additional  participant created  when user click continue button on review page after come back from Payment gateway(PG like Paypal Standard, Monerise) by clicking browser back button.

Civicrm version: 4.6.2

Any fix?

I think it's sad when organizations waste thousands of dollars switching IT systems just because of a change in management. It's not like tiny nonprofits have so much money to spare on whimsy.

I sympathize with your situation, it must be frustrating. It sounds like your new ED is not doing great problem-solving. If losing you as an employee is really a big worry (given that it hasn't happened yet I can't see why it's her biggest priority; but they way she's treating you might expedite that eventuality!) then there are dozens of solutions to explore; switching to a different system is one possibility, but is it the best option? That would be a question to answer before investing in a switch!

I agree that the most obvious choice would be to line up a secondary support service. You are not the only person in the world who knows Drupal+Civi. Here are some others:
I've been working at a tiny NPO (7 staffs) for 10 years, and I've set up and used CiviCRM / Drupal on a VPS for 5+ years.  Everything has been working great (and fast!), and I've had no major issue whatsoever.  However, my organization recently hired a new Executive Director, and she is concern that I am hosting the website plus CRM myself.  Without asking for my opinion, she cut off my VPS budget, which I used it to host my CiviCRM and Drupal instance, and she asked me to migrate to DonorPerfect and SquareSpace (as her friend recommended it).

I used CiviCRM to track many info via custom fields/tabs, and I used Rules/CiviCRM to streamline a lot of my workflows.  However, when I set up DonorPerfect, I found DonorPerfect to be extremely limited (or it asks you to pay additional $$$ for additional "features").  I tracked a lot of prospect's info, and I was so used to creating custom fields to track those info, and I cleanly stored these fields into sections / tabs so that they are not cluttering the interface.  However, I found out that DonorPerfect doesn't even allow me to create new tab (or rename existing ones) without paying for "premium" support.  Also, since DonorPerfect doesn't integrate with SquareSpace, my ED was furious to learn that I am unable to create online registration / directory listings anymore (Yeah, it is my fault).

Anyway, my ED is concern that a staff should not host the website / CRM ourselves.  If the staff leaves the company, then there will be no one to continue managing the system anymore.  I wonder if anyone knows a 3rd party company that hosts and provide supports for both Drupal / CiviCRM instance?  I know that CiviHosting offers a VPS solution, so I wonder if anyone has used their fully managed VPS service before?  Any comment is appreciated.
Extensions / Stripe Payment Processor extension not as per stripe recomendation
« Last post by Siv on July 18, 2016, 05:25:46 am »
As per my understanding, Stripe has used tokenized input to avoid sending credit card information to merchant server and not using 'name' attribute for  credit card related fields but i hope stripe civicrm extension not implemented this way.
Is it possible to make our extension work as
Developer Discussion / Payment form as separate page in online event registartion
« Last post by Siv on July 18, 2016, 05:08:20 am »
In online Event registration the payment form appearing in registration page itself. Is there any way to separate out the payment form  from registration page like Register -> Review -> Payment -> Thankyou page?
Hola, creo que no hay nada out-of-the-box que te pueda resolver el problema para que los usuarios puedan gestionar varios archivos desde el front end para el mismo grupo de campos personalizados. Tal vez puedes crear un campo personalizado (del tipo archivo) para cada año e ir acumulandolos.
Tal vez enfocarlo con actividades, que cada subida de un archivo genere una actividad y copie el archivo, como un "log".
Podrían haber algunos "workarounds" pero tal vez tengas que hacer algún pequeño desarrollo para ajustar lo que necesitas.

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