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The short answer is "no". Switching from one CMS to another is doable.
This question has been asked a few times before on this forum - did you try searching? You can get more in-depth answers by doing so.
Or if you've already done a bunch of research and still have a couple specific questions, I recommend you ask them on
General Discussion (please no support requests here!) / Switching platforms
« Last post by mjmemm on July 31, 2015, 02:14:09 pm »
We currently have a Drupal website and will be changing to Wordpress in the next year. Are there any issues with changing platforms midstream and integrating with CiviCRM?
Hi everyone! :)

We have installed Civi 4.6.5 recently and we've noticed an error when accessing the lists of groups of a contact in its profile. In the list, all the groups appear with the same name although the other fields (added date, status) are correct. In the DB the data is also correct.

I attach an screenshot (sorry, it's in spanish).

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi tottten,
Thanks for adding the response about civix and naming convention.

Out of idle curiosity... what's wrong with doing "civix generate:module org.civicrm.osdi" and using the default/convention?

Actually I had developed the people's endpoint page in a file index.php which lies at “/sites/default/ext/org.civicrm.osdi/api/v3/People/” on the camus (remote server).

So Eileen figured out when I was using this path as a link to people's resource on my AEP (API Entry Point) it didn't work because of the dots present in org.civicrm.osdi extension name . Though it does works on my local machine as I am using Apache and didn't work on the camus (remote server) may be because it runs on nginx and has some other configuration, I am exactly not sure about this.

The command "civix generate:module org.civicrm.osdi” works perfectly fine, well I started developing the extension with this only. The problem was because of the path I was using for index.php that didn't work out on camus, so I renamed the extension directory to “osdi” just to make the new path work ie “/sites/default/ext/osdi/api/v3/People/ “

Merci d'avoir partagé la solution!

Finalement, nous avons réussi à faire fonctionner wkhtmltopdf sur Debian Wheezy.
La version 0.12.1 du backports ne fonctionnant pas. (Je suppose à cause de qt4 qui n'a pas le patch adéquat) J'ai donc installé la version trouvée sur le site officiel : Le paquet s'appelle wkhtmltox- Il existe aussi des paquets pour d'autres OS (Ubuntu, CentOS, Windows, BSD, ...)

Avec cette version, mes 300 lettres ont été générées en moins d'1 minute.  :D

Merci pour ton aide. A+.
Talked with Eileen a little on IRC about the civix issue. Some notes:

 1. Extensions must declare a long/dotted name in "info.xml" like "org.civicrm.osdi".

 2. The long name is used in various places (in info.xml, in the folder name, when registering JS/CSS files, in the public extension directory, etc). Sometimes it's required, sometimes it's just a convention/recommendation.

 3. It's a convention that the directory-name matches the long/dotted name, and most of the docs+tools will use this convention, but the core system doesn't really care. It's legal to rename the folder to something else -- e.g "civix generate:module org.civicrm.osdi ; mv org.civicrm.osdi osdi".

Out of idle curiosity... what's wrong with doing "civix generate:module org.civicrm.osdi" and using the default/convention?
Today I worked on fixing a few Bugs with the Campaign Dashboard. I also finished the 'campaign clone tool', that enables users to easily make a copy of a specific campaign or a whole campaign tree.
Sector / Interest groups / CiviCRM for Trade Unions
« Last post by Breizhou on July 29, 2015, 02:39:31 pm »
Hi dear CiviCommunity,

I would like a little space in that forum to be dedicated to the use and issues regarding the implementation of CiviCRM for a trade union.

I am specially interested about the possibility of sharing knowledge throughout a union, specially through CiviCase, but I am also very concerned about the challenging question of giving the right to the people to remain anonymous if they wished.

I think it's really one of many questions that are peculiar to trade unions worldwide and I would be very pleased to exchange with you about those topics, solving those kinds of basic "problems" being the best way to promote CiviCRM towards trade unions.  8)

Leave your comments and please let me know if you already know some trade unions that use CiviCRM !

Xavier (another one)
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