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It would be really good if you could re-ask this question on StackExchange. See links in red and blue in top right.
Good afternoon, we are analyzing CiviCRM as a possible solution for our organization.
It is a governmental entity and in the same there is more than one area that is able to use CiviCRM to order their contacts.
The specific question is how can we implement, so that each area has its own contact management? Some areas may want to share contacts, but each area should only have access to their contacts.

I hope you can help me!
From already thank you very much!!
¡Hola CiviCRM! / CiviCRM: cómo manejar varias áreas para un mismo organismo?
« Last post by iseimandi on February 21, 2017, 08:00:08 am »
Buenas tardes, estamos analizando CiviCRM como posible solución para nuestra organización.
Es una entidad gubernamental y en la misma hay más de un area que se encuentra en condiciones de usar CiviCRM para ordenar sus contactos.
La pregunta concreta es de que manera podemos implementar, para que cada área tenga su propio manejo de contactos? algunas áreas podrián querer compartir contactos, pero cada area sólo debe tener acceso a sus contactos.

espero puedan ayudarme!
desde ya muchas gracias!!
Francophone User Group / même email pour plusieurs utilisateurs
« Last post by pikerez on February 19, 2017, 12:43:26 pm »

Nous venons d’installer avec 2 étudiants CiviCRM en liaison avec Wordpress. Le but est de gérer les adhérents de 4 clubs (2000 contacts). Chaque club a son propre site WP.

Nous avons une BD à part pour civi où se trouve tous nos adhérents et ensuite un BD pour chaque WP. Tout marche nickel notamment la gestion des rôles avec le plugin «membership sync» :

Sur le site de son club, chaque adhérent a un rôle (et donc une interface) associé à son adhésion (simple inscrit, adhérent, bénévole, salarié). Dès que son adhésion change ou arrive à terme, son rôle WP change (et ses accès). Et il est de base simplement inscrit sur les sites des 3 autres clubs (avec donc un accès restreint).

Seul hic, nos adhérents utilisent parfois le même mail, cela ne pose pas de pb côté civi. Du côté WP, il faut avoir recours au plugin «Allow Multiple Accounts» mais idem cela fonctionne.

Par contre, pas possible de faire ce créer le compte WP en synchronisant les comptes utilisateurs par la commande «Synchroniser les utilisateurs avec les contacts».
Il ne synchronise que le 1er compte civi trouvé pour une adresse mail donnée.

Quelqu’un a t il eu à gérer ce cas de figure ?

I know discussions are on SE now, but this is exact question i am looking for an answer to - will ask on SE if I can't find another answer.
Civisualize / Civisualize not showing ready-to-use visualizations
« Last post by WORC on February 08, 2017, 09:56:03 am »
I just installed Civisualize 1.42 on Civi 4.7.14, and it seems the ready-to-use visualizations aren't accessible. I uninstalled and reinstalled with no change in behavior. I used the zip on as my installation source.

Example of my problem: if I went to call up a report for Contributions by Day of week, I go to civicrm/dataviz, click Contributions, but cannot proceed to select Day of Week. I see the report titles but no actionable link/button/image/etc.

What am I missing?
Francophone User Group / Re: Erreur Cron après mise à jour vers 7.14
« Last post by mgregoire on February 08, 2017, 09:47:42 am »
Bonjour !

Sur le Forum en anglais, il m'a été répondu ceci :

"Lors de la mise à jour de civicrm, jil est nécessaire de mettre à jour les autorisations dans root/wp-content/plugins/civicrm/civicrm/bin/cron.php (ou cli.php) pour le rendre exécutable. En espérant que cela aide."

Pour le cas où quelqu'un d'autre en aurait besoin !

hey daniel - recommend you head over to StackExchange - forum is mostly archive now.
Internationalization and Localization / com.cividesk.l10n.update gettextResourceDir
« Last post by HanV on February 06, 2017, 12:13:19 am »
I have upgraded to the version 4.7.16 (Joomla, Windows10). After the upgrade I installed from github the extension l10n_update.

I get now rmessages  from l10n_update "Cannot read unrecognized property CRM_Core_Config::$gettextResourceDir."

Is this extension still in use? I have found it on github, after I read about it on the wiki as recommended for the translations. The property is used in the extension, but in the documentation it is marked als removed.
On the page the default location is <docroot>/media/civicrm/custom_ext. I think it must be <docroot>/media/civicrm/ext. That value is the default location in the application and that directory is present. But the installation of l10n_update was no problem.

I would like to confirm this statements regarding permissions, ACL and groups (Wordpress 4.7.1, civicrm 4.7.15)

1- Permission to edit contacts (ACL or general), allows user to assign contacts to ANY group
2- As 1 is true, user can add himself to another group and thus obtain its ACL related permissions

This is a serious issue for us as it hinders the flexible security management ACL provides. I would like to evaluate viability of a feature to solve this problem. I see two approaches:

1- A general permission (not ACL related, in wordpress related to wordpress user role) which would control assignment to control access groups (this will be enough for our organization)
2- As 1, combined with ACL permissions (p.e. denied general permission but allowed assignment to certain control access groups through ACL)

I would be capable to work in any of this approaches (1 in first phase, then 2) but I am not yet very familiar with civicrm code structure. Can you point out the possible problems and difficulties of implementation of these features? Is there any related isssue in Jira?

Thank you
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