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CiviCase For Teen Drop-in Center
« on: January 31, 2009, 01:15:50 pm »

I am a software developer by trade.  I have offered my services to a teen drop-in center nearby, and was given the task of coming up with a system for it.  I have developed a solution that tracks status changes for an individual (e.g., Risk Issues, Referrals) with a timestamp for each change, to permit certain types of reports.  Other than this, the application allows for recording attendance of individuals, which is accomplished by setting an additional timestamp in the same table. 

I decided to use Access for this application, as one of the main constraints was that the software be modifiable by the staff when necessary.  It works, but it is slow, kludgy, and I am not confident that the staff will be able to make enhancements to the application reliably.

Does what I'm describing fit into the purpose of CiviCase?

Thanks for helping me evaluate alternatives to the proprietary path I've already started down.